Everyone remembers when they first got behind the wheel. Whether it was with Driver’s Ed or a parent; it’s usually all the same. Your palms are sweating, you’re trying to keep up with the instructions from your teacher, and if you’re like me, you’re so nervous your foot is shaking on the gas and brake. Sounds very safe, right?

The world of driving can be full of exhilaration yet so risky and dangerous. Usually made riskier by the teenage generation. Did you know that 62% of teen passenger deaths occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager? Or that 54% of car accident deaths among teens occurred on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? The statistics of teenage car accidents is what kept me away from the wheel. It kept me from spreading my wings and being just one more step close to adulting.

This was it, this was the time that was going to make or break my life. Was I going to be a big baby about it or was I going to take a step out of my comfort zone, own that road, and be bodacious? Well, that decision was made for me, by my dad, he decided it was time for me to own that road! So, with the little experience I had he made me drive on the highway coming from Indiana going all the way to Tennessee.

Yes, you read right. I drove my dad & I all the way from Indiana to Tennessee at the age of 17 scared out of my mind. Right blinker, left blinker, don’t pass, do pass, don’t pass to the right of a vehicle, get in the slow lane, slow down, speed up, WATCH OUT FOR DEBRIS AND POTHOLES! Although my dad could have worried about dying, or me falling asleep at the wheel. He didn’t. His biggest concern was potholes and paper in the road. This was probably the biggest event of my life that really taught me all the necessities I needed in order to start driving. I will admit it was also the scariest. I really had to face my fears and have the expectancy of myself that I would succeed in that moment. It was time for me to be bold and take risk. Of course, all in a safe and healthy way This was the moment I had dread my whole life, very scared to do, but it was something I overcame! Some may think that being bold and taking risk are usually associated with a malicious agenda. When really it has a wide range of a spectrum. In this event, my “be bold, take risk” moment was letting go of fright and believing in myself to succeed instead of fail. Once I did that, everything fell into place, more than I expected it to. I was out there! Adulting, owning that road like it was mine.

On 12/1/18 I was issued my license, and I can proudly say it’s all because of letting go and trusting myself. There’s always going to be that one experience where we are going to have to trust ourselves to succeed and step outside of our usual comfort zone. When was the last time you took a risk?

Post submitted by Ericka Raye Kirk (Actress, Model and Adult)

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