Cue The Stress...

“But you’re a great teacher! Teaching is such a stable career choice!” “You carry the insurance!” “You get summers off, why would you give that up?”

These are the words I heard repeatedly as I prepared to make the most significant transition in my career. Ever. After the birth of my second child, I felt in my heart that I couldn’t go back to a job that was slowly tearing me down. I knew there was more I had to offer the world and I intended to find out exactly what that meant. One week after my maternity leave ended and I notified the county that I would not be returning to the school system, my husband lost his job. What were we going to do? We had two kids under three years old, no insurance, and had gone from a dual income family to living on a freelancer’s income at a moment’s notice. Cue the stress. This is where I knew, deep in my gut that I had to make it work. I transitioned from freelance social media work to bonafide LLC. I searched for new clients, joined the local chamber of commerce, had meeting after meeting on the phone and in person sharing my knowledge of digital marketing with anyone who would listen. All of this just three months after our daughter was born. I won’t tell you that it was an overnight success. Real, sustainable success comes with consistent effort and constant brainpower. I’m over two years into this journey and just now feeling that we can be selective in our client work. I had to go against the grain of expectation, comfort and security to pursue something I knew could be grand. Women are strong in nature both mentally and emotionally, but you don’t know you real strength until you’ve been tested with your back against a hard, tall wall. I had the audacity to create the life that was best for our (now 3) kids out of the pieces I found scattered around my personal toolkit. My advice to someone in the throws of business building, ownership or ideation is to keep going. Continue to push against that which seems impossible for you will emerge stronger, smarter and more confident. Be AUDACIOUS in the pursuit of your best life.

------ Meg Kerns is a wife, mother of three children and solopreneur. She owns MOKup Media, a Social Media strategy and content creation business that helps to support small businesses in the pursuit of their goals. She helps to take cold leads to warm handshakes through the relationship building opportunities of social media. Learn more: or join MOKup Media on your favorite social platform @mokupmedia. 

Meg Kerns

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