It's not perfect, but it's ours!

We are started A.S.W. in 2018 with only six pairs of socks and our website. At that time, we had no social media presence, no sales and we're just a blip on the map. WE HAD NOTHING WHEN WE STARTED. Now, we have a small following, more socks and we're making small waves where ever we go! Our point is, don't wait until everything is "perfect" before you start making moves. Do it now and use whatever resources you have at the time. Getting started can be frustrating! Trust us, we know but you have to start somewhere.

Most recently, we added custom socks to our site and boy, was that a process! (Insert eye roll.) We're still figuring it out but we got it done and we're happy we didn't let fear stop us from expanding and learning something new.

Keep this in mind: Whatever mission / goal you're trying to achieve, just go for it! BE AUDACIOUS like we've been preaching since 2018.

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