So, face mask are a "thing" now?!

When I started A.S.W. in 2018, I had no clue we would be where we are today. Heck, I didn't know in 2019 either but if someone would've told me that we'd be making face mask because of a pandemic, I'm not sure I would've believed them. This year got off to a great start! I really believed this was "our " year but due to recent events, I'm just not sure any more. This all feels very strange, almost like a Sci-Fi movie.

As we continued to monitor current events, we noticed that face mask kind of became a thing but didn't really pay too much attention to the hype. I contemplated on making mask / face covers but didn't move forward with it because I was hopeful that this would resolve in a timely manner. NOPE! I was wrong and now A.S.W. has mask. SMH!

Face mask for us has become a "get with the times" type of deal. Luckily, we've been able to adjust accordingly and are flexible but it's still a little strange to see mask added to our line up.

All in all, I have come to realize that this is where we are now and it's best to stay positive and keep it moving so that's what A.S.W. will be doing.

How do you feel about wearing a mask?


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