Socks AND Tees?!

When I first started A.S.W., I knew I wanted it to be big but I wasn't quite sure HOW big. Living through the pandemic has definitely taught me that regardless of what happens, you keep your head on a swivel and keep pushing through. Initially like many other businesses owners, I was worried that this was it and that A.S.W. would be more no more but as you can see that's not the case. I'm using this time to morph A.S.W. into something that I never thought it could be.

I've ran into a couple of snags along the way but its nothing that I can't handle. For example, we just added shirts to line up and were having orders fulfilled by a print on demand company. Sure enough as soon as we got started,the delays started. So,I am now having to start producing our shirts in addition to our socks. It's cool though, I think I got it!

What do y'all think?

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