This Year Is Going To Be Busy!

We started this year with a BANG! Here's the run down: So on January 1, Fox 10 Phoenix stopped by A.S.W. to get the scoop on us and then on January 3rd, a two minute clip aired. That two minute clip changed A LOT! Then a couple of days after that we released our kids socks. And then after that, we met with ABC 15 / CW61 and signed on do to a major project. In between all of that, we met with our local YMCA and signed on as a sponsor AND we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page that was super successful. We're up to almost 1,000 members in our Facebook group!

Now we're heading into February and its only going to get busier. We have a few events that we're going to be participating in throughout the year and we're also gearing up to possibly start a YouTube channel. This year is truly going to be amazing!


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