Um 2020, what's going on?

January and February were a blast for us and then March happened. Like many other businesses, we too have been affected by COVID 19. The events that we were scheduled to attend during the Spring and Summer have been cancelled, news appearances have been put on hold and although sales are still coming in, they have slowed. Us, small businesses are really struggling at the moment.

As we continue to navigate through life, we continue stick to our motto "Be Bold. Take Risk." within reason of course. Yes, we're staying indoors but being under quarantine doesn't have to be a bad thing. We intend to use this down time to tap into our creative side,designing crazier socks reading more and researching ways on how to expand Audacious Sock Wear beyond socks.

Hopefully, this blows over soon but in the meantime, be safe , be kind to others and try to make the best of this strange situation.

Thanks for reading!

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