Let these be your protection against the evil eye vibrations that people may send your way.  It is beleived the light blue eye stares back at the world to ward off evil eye and keep you safe from harm. Look it up!


Fits small (3y-5y)

Fits medium (6-8)

Fits large (8-12)


Made of: Polyester, Elastane and Spandex.


No bleach / Gentle machine wash / Cold water only / Air dry


How were these awesome pair of socks made?


We can't give you all the details because its a secret but the gist of it is, we use a process called sublimation. Our designs and your images are pressed onto a blank sock at 404 degrees with permanent ink. When you receive your socks, they will be completely flatten from being pressed but you can still wear them comfortably. They get even better after you wash them because they go back to their original pre-flattend shape.

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